New Beginnings: Where we come from

Legacy Heat Treatment was founded by Chris Brown in the spring of 2021. Chris is the youngest son of Miles Brown. Many in the power and oil and gas industry will remember Miles fondly, as he worked for many years, for multiple companies in North America and all over the world during his 40 years of heat treating. Chris and a group of industry professionals boasting over 100 years combined experience in the heat treatment industry are now continuing Miles’ legacy of hard work, integrity and maintaining the high standards he demanded of all that worked with him during his long career. We have very large shoes to fill, but in using the skills Miles taught us, and the mindset he instilled in us, we know we can emulate the success and respect that he enjoyed.

President's Safety Statement

‘’ The safety of our employees is something that weighs heavily on my mind constantly. It is absolutely imperative that we not only provide everyone that works for Legacy the training and tools to perform their work as safely as possible but that we also encourage and cultivate a safety-first culture throughout the company. Only in doing so can we hope to achieve our goal of zero accidents or incidents’’

          -Chris Brown
          President at Legacy Heat Treatment

Process Description

Step 1: Research
∙Analyze your specific heat treatment needs.
Step 2: Planning
∙Provide you with Technical, Project & Cost Control support.
Step 3: Execution
∙Arriving on time, fully prepared to complete your project. Our experienced technicians require minimal oversight from you, allowing you to focus on other areas and have complete confidence in your heat treatment service provider.


Our goals are to simplify heat treatment in a way that allows us to offer our customers a safe and quality service, while upholding our core values of transparency and integrity along with a commitment to providing the best technicians and project managers in the world. We arrive at every jobsite fully prepared and ready to work, managing all your heat treatment needs from start to finish with no hand holding required. We are “ALWAYS READY" to get the job done safely, quickly, and efficiently. We are equipped with the latest heat treatment equipment and staffed with most skilled technicians in the industry. At Legacy no job is too big, and no job is too small. We are constantly improving and training our staff to provide the highest level of service through quality, excellence, and dedication.