Heat treatment is the controlled heating and cooling of a material to alter its physical and or mechanical properties. The component is heat treated to a set temperature to acheive a desired level of hardness and optimal strength. Legacy Heat Treatment offers several onsite services to customers in all industrial environments. We have the capability to increase or decrease steel hardness. Through any of our heat treatment processes we can acheive any desire outcome for the project.

Heat Treating Metal is performed to acheive different goals based on the application and desired result. Preheating is a process that reduces the inherent risks of hydrogen cracking, shrinkage stress, and other damage mechanisms that regularly occur during the welding process. Cold welding increases the chances of pipe breakage and reduces the life of a component. The purpose of Post Weld Heat Treatment is to alter the molecular structure of the welded area as it becomes brittle during the rapid heating and cooling caused by the welding process. Once a component is post weld heat treated it should be more ductile and less prone to rupture or deformation. In some instances the component/line needs to be relieved of suppressed gasses. This service is used to expel these unwanted gasses that have built up during the manufacture, operation or reworking of the component. Bake-out or outgas services are usually performed at relatively lower temperatures than Post Weld Heat Treatment cycles for short periods of time