New Beginnings: Where we come from

Legacy Heat Treatment was formed in response to the need for a full-service on-site heat treatment company that offers all forms of the craft. With our expertise in the resistance, combustion, and induction methods, we give our customers the option that best meets their requirements, both practically and financially. With our many years of industry experience coupled with our streamlined and efficient management group, we provide the best quality at the lowest possible cost. Our state of the art, easy to use equipment, gives our technicians and project managers the ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We as a company are focused on maintaining a safe and enjoyable work environment for all of our employees, creating a content and productive workforce that is ‘’Always Ready”.

President's Safety Statement

‘’ The safety of our employees is something that weighs heavily on my mind constantly. It is absolutely imperative that we not only provide everyone that works for Legacy the training and tools to perform their work as safely as possible but that we also encourage and cultivate a safety-first culture throughout the company. Only in doing so can we hope to achieve our goal of zero accidents or incidents’’

          -Chris Brown
          President at Legacy Heat Treatment